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Private Labelling

Let’s build your brand together! Our private labelling service is an easy way to get your spice business up and running. We will package your products your way, and deliver them to your stores.

Starting your spice label has never been easier. Whether your business is located in Sri Lanka or overseas, our private labelling service is optimised with your convenience in mind. As our client, you will have complete control over the packaging specifications, how the label will look like and what will go into your packs. Once we have your specific requirements, we will take care of the rest! Your products will be prepared in our state of the art packaging facility according to the highest ISO Quality & Compliance standards. They will then be delivered to your stores, within Sri Lanka & overseas, on schedule to ensure a sustainable & socially responsible business model. Just sit back, relax and allow us to spice up your business!

HORECA Supply Chain

Whether you own a Hotel, a Restaurant or a Café we can supply quality bulk spices to your business.

Any business in the hospitality industry requires reliable suppliers to function efficiently, your customers expect only the best and we’re here to help you with just that. Our supply chain has the capacity to fulfil orders of any size. We ensure each order is fulfilled on time, on budget and according to the highest safety and quality standards, and our ISO certifications are proof of this. We can ensure a continuous flow of quality spices for your business at competitive prices, which will help your business achieve its profit targets and function efficiently.

Custom Orders

Our expertise and experience with customers throughout the supply chain has helped us better serve the specific requirements of businesses of all sizes.
In addition to Private Labelling and HORECA Supply Chain services, we do wholesale in Sri Lanka and are capable of supplying bulk orders of our best quality spices directly to your business, whether it’s located overseas or locally in Sri Lanka. We offer highly flexible and customised services utilising our extensive export and local distribution network to suit specific customer requirements.
If you are looking to export from Sri Lanka, contact us with your exact requirement and, we will get back to you with a solution!
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