Our quality range of Spicemo retail spice products are sourced from local farmers island wide.

While our partner farmers ensure that we get the best quality spices,

we ensure that they are compensated for their hard work, a truly Sri Lankan product!

Black Pepper Powder

Black Pepper Powder brings its signature flavour to any dish it’s added to, making it
a staple ingredient in any dish or salad. Spicemo Black Pepper Powder takes it
to the next level by ensuring consistent quality flavour for your dishes.

Black Pepper Seeds

We get the best flavour and quality in our Spicemo Black Pepper Seeds by picking them when they begin to turn red, and
never before. It goes hand-in-hand with
salt and can be used in any savoury dish
to give it that unique ‘depth’ in flavour.


Spicemo Cloves bring out an intense warm flavour and aroma in a dish. Our high-quality Sri Lankan cloves are oil-rich, stalkless, does not contain ‘woody’ or brittle Cloves and are generally unbroken. They can be used to give a unique flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes.


Spicemo Ceylon Cinnamon is far superior
to its Cassia counterpart both in flavour and
quality. Light brown, sweet and delicate,
Spicemo Ceylon Cinnamon can be used to spice up any dish with its unique flavour.

Turmeric Powder

Spicemo Turmeric Powder should be bright orange to deep yellow colour with visible specks in the powder, which indicates the absence of artificial dyes. It can be used to bring out that signature colour in curries.

Curry Powder

Spicemo Curry Powder is your go-to ingredient when cooking Sri Lankan and Indian dishes. This blend of authentic,
high-quality spices will bring out the
natural flavours in any savoury dish.

Chilli Powder

Turn up the heat with Spicemo Chilli Powder. Our fine-ground, quality Chilli Powder is packed with fiery flavour to elevate any
curry, stew or meat to its true potential.


Experience the unique flavours of Spicemo Cardamom, the best Cardamom in Sri Lanka! this spice consists of a delicate sweet flavour with subtle tones of mint, its complex aroma can liven up many a dish!


Consisting of a warm, nutty flavour. Spicemo Nutmeg is the perfect addition to a whole range of sweet and savoury dishes for that mouth-watering, aromatic tone. The best Nutmeg in Sri Lanka!


Tamarind consists of a curious sour and sweet flavour, a flavour you have to taste to understand. It is often used in Sri Lankan, South Indian and other Asian dishes. Spicemo Tamarind is authentic Sri Lankan Tamarind that weighs heavier towards the sour side of flavour. Add a savoury twist to
your dishes with this authentic Lankan spice.


A sour spice to say the most! This acidic
and fruity spice is commonly used in Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine, it is most commonly used to get a distinctive sour flavour to savoury dishes and also used to tenderise meats in curries. Spicemo Goraka is of the highest quality which brings out the authentic flavours in traditional dishes.


Vanilla is a flavour unique to its own.
Its strong, aromatic flavour is a popular
choice throughout the world, however
global markets worldwide are flooded
by low-quality Vanilla or artificial vanilla
flavourings. Spicemo Vanilla Extract
brings you the very best, consisting of
strong and authentic vanilla flavours.


A warm, nutty flavour similar to Nutmeg, Mace tastes almost exactly the same but with a hint of pepper. Spicemo Mace is a consistent rich brown powder without lumps, an indicator of our commitment to good quality.